Wednesday, July 28

Harbinger is coming

 It's been yonks since we've blogged on Brink Bits.....!

We have just started rehearsals for our new work Harbinger and we'll try to get the director, the writer, the actors, the stage manager - ANYONE! - to give us bits of this and bits of that to post in the Brink blog. We want to tell you what's happening behind the scenes - and what's NOT happening! What should be happening and just general goss.

You've probably heard that young Matt Whittet is the writer. Sorry, we're supposed to say Matthew Whittet! He's been doing another show with Windmill. But it's our turn for Matt now!  Well soon..... Anyway, he's really done his bit. He's written the play! It's outa his hands!  We'll try and get a few lines from Matt soon about how it feels to hear actors SPEAK your lines...

And we'll get the Director, Chris Drummond, to spill the beans on rehearsing a new work like Harbinger.

Actors ALWAYS have an opinion and something to say so we're sure to get a few words from Nathan, Yael or Alex at some point. Whether it has anything to do with the play is a moot point but we remain hopeful.

And last but not least the stage manager. Melanie Selwood. will tell what she has to put up with in the rehearsal room - with the help of ASM, Kat Braun.

Who knows who else we'll rope in to share some backstage secrets with you. You'll just have to check in from time to time to find out!

So, take note! Harbinger is coming soon to a theatre near you....

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