Monday, February 14

New faces at Brink: Chris

Chris Pitman (Skip Miller) and Lizzy Falkland (Alison Caldicott) in Skip Miller's Hit Songs.
Photo by Chris Herzfeld. See the full album here.

Chris Pitman plays 'war-torn Walkley Award Winning Hot Spot Poster Boy' Skip Miller. Involved in the development since 2008, Chris shares what is special about working in a collaborative way.

"I was in Sydney for the last few months of 2010, working on a play called OUR TOWN for the Sydney Theatre Company," says Chris. "When that finished I went to Vietnam for a couple of weeks and spent all my money."

"It has been Skip Miller's Hit Songs I have been looking forward to above anything, since we did the first workshop in 2008," he says. "The development process has been completely inspiring. We have pulled stories, ideas, and research from many different people and places. The play is now beginning to emerge from all this. It is not often you get to be involved in a production, almost from the inception of the idea."

"The difficult thing about this process, as with all new work, is that the play is still evolving. I imagine there will be changes and rewrites well into production week. We are certainly going to be working hard right up to opening night," he says.

But when it comes to giving hints about the play, Chris is as guarded as the character he plays.

"I don't think I have any particularly favourite lines," he says. "Well, maybe I do but telling would give too much of the game away."

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