Friday, April 20

From the Assistant Director...

Nescha Jelk (third from left) is our Assistant Director on Land & Sea, and she's been keeping a close eye on how things have been coming along in the rehearsal room. She shares a little with us below!

Nicki Bloom’s Land & Sea is a deeply poetic work. We’re only in our second week of rehearsals, but already its bristling full with a rich score of live and pre-recorded music by Zephyr Quartet’s Hilary Kleinig, Wendy Todd’s spectacular set which is full of surprises (that I won’t give away here), and the gorgeously haunting moments that have been deftly whirled into motion by Director Chris Drummond.

Land & Sea’s existence has been inspired by a number of references, from Douglas Hofstadter’s book I Am A Strange Loop to Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Today, however, I would like to bring to your attention the Swiss Director, Christoph Marthaler. His work has inspired countless artists both overseas in Europe and here in Australia. Nicki and Chris have both cited Marthaler as an artist who has played a great role in influencing their work in this show. 

Benedict Andrews wrote a fantastic piece on Marthaler which featured in Real Time magazine. Andrews eloquently describes the nature of his work far more articulately than I ever could. So rather than me feebly attempting to compete with Benedict Andrews, here is a link to his insightful article.

Additionally, so that you can get a delicious taste of his work with your own eyes and ears in this short video about Mathaler’s production Papperlapapp, which featured in the 2010 Festival D’Avignon.
Now back to the rehearsal room to ponder over strange loops and to let my head joyously explode with this gorgeously complex piece of theatre...

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