Wednesday, May 9


The course of Land & Sea is shrouded in mystery, but one not-so-secret point is that it begins on an island. As we barrel towards opening night (Saturday May 12!), here are three things the team would want to take with them to a desert island...

Nicki Bloom (Playwright)
A priest, a monk and a rabbi - mainly so I can tell good jokes.

Chris Drummond (Director)
A solar powered coffee machine, a coffee plant and a cow.

Danielle Catanziti (Actor)
A house, a plane and a jumping castle.

Tom Conroy (Actor)
A dog for company, a book of cryptic crosswords and a ukulele.

Rory Walker (Actor)
Soundtrack to The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, something to play it on and a chef.

Jacqy Philips (Actor)
My three dogs.

Hilary Kleinig (Musician)
Wine, cheese and music.

Wendy Todd (Set/Costume Designer)
Roller skates (this is a concrete-covered island!), some laid-back jazz, swiss army knife.

Geoff Cobham (Lighting Designer)
Lots of Cornish Pasties, Audrey Hepburn and Bear Grylls (although I am concerned Bear may run off with Audrey).

Lucie Balsamo (Stage Manager)
My dog, a blanket and a bottle of red wine.

Nathan D’Agostino (Assistant Stage Manager)
A party, tequila and a boat.

Nescha Jelk (Assistant Director) 
My lovely friends, music, and Lucia's (which would be stocked full with food, coffee, wine and strega)

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