Tuesday, May 22

Nicki Bloom's top threes

When Nicki Bloom is not writing award-winning plays, she’s drawing on literature, art, travel, music and of course theatre to inspire works like Land & Sea. In keeping with the 'top threes' theme, she shares her picks with us below!

Top three books on the bedside table:
Beauty and formal innovation - my favourite things. All of these books have them in spades.
1. ‘Gödel, Escher, Bach’ by Douglas Hofstadter
2. ‘Mr Palomar’ by Italo Calvino.
3. Michael Dransfield ‘Collected Poems’

Production image from Seemanslieder
Top three plays you’ve experienced:
Space and breath and jokes and songs. What more could you want?
1. 'Seemannslieder' directed by Christoph Marthaler
2. Martin Crimp's 'Attempts on her Life' directed by Geordie Brookman
3. Anton Chekov's 'Ivanov' directed by Tamas Ascher

Top three inspiring ‘sights’:
Patterns. Lovely.
1. Tarkovsky's 'The Mirror' 
2. The horizon
3. Berlin from an aeroplane after a long absence

Top three songs on rotation:
Back to beauty we go…
1. Stellar from 'Whatever You Love You Are' by Dirty Three
2. Sapele from 'Seafarers Music' by Will Oldham
3. Offenbach's Barcarole from 'The Tales of Hoffman' as sung in German by the Comedian Harmonists

Top 3 reasons why you should see Land & Sea: 
1. Space & breath
2. Patterns & beauty
3. Guns & telephones

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