Thursday, May 24

Land & Sea Breeze recipe

Have you popped into the Lotus Lounge pop-up bar in the foyer yet? They're serving all manner of delicious concoctions, including the specially-named Land & Sea Breeze. Mixologist and co-owner Chris graciously shares the top secret recipe below...

Land & Sea Breeze

6 parts cranberry juice
2 parts of your favourite vodka
4 parts cloudy apple juice (found in the cold juices section of your supermarket)
1 squeeze of fresh lime juice
Ice and limes to serve

1. Fill a tall or highball glass with ice, then add the cranberry juice.
2. In a cocktail shaker add the vodka, apple juice and a lime squeeze. Fill with ice and shake vigourously. You want to not only mix the ingredients but aerate the mixture. (If you don't have a cocktail shaker you could use any appropriately sized, tightly sealed container).
3. Slowly strain the liquid from the shaker over the cranberry juice to layer it.
4. Garnish with some fresh juicy lime wedges and serve immediately.

Or you can come and see Land & Sea and enjoy one at the show!

Lotus Lounge usually lives at 268 Morphett St, Adelaide. Open Tue-Sat 6pm-late. 

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