Wednesday, November 18

Being short isn't easy!

Nicki Bloom, the third of the three commissioned Gorge '09 writers has given Brink Bits... her thoughts on writing a ten minute play.

I find ten minute plays difficult to write. I find ten minute plays with no restrictions on theme, scope or content even more difficult to write. With a longer play you have the luxury of time in which to build the linguistic patterns, psychological details and thematic resonances which constitute the universe of the play. In a ten-minute play, the universe needs to be immediate – created, contained and understood from the first. I like my work to be at once specific and open. Specific in its language and rhythms, so as to give performers firm, secure footholds, yet open enough to allow room for invention, movement and discovery. I am very much looking forward to seeing what the universes we’ve all made alone look like together…

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