Friday, November 13

Gorge '09 outed...

Brink Bits... has been told that the Gorge '09 schedule is finally outed!

Thur 19 Nov: 'Conflict Under An Australian Quilt' by Alirio Zavarce. Imagined, interpreted by Daniel Clarke/freelance director (performed by Sahil Choujar, Tamara Lee and Mondli Makhoba) and imagined, interpreted by Aidan Munn/freelance choreographer (performed by José
Gonzalez, Glen McCurley and Rachel Mendham).

Fri 20 Nov: 'Like Brothers in a Bathtub' by Matthew Cormack. Imagined, interpreted by TheimaGen (performed by Jamie Harding and Kate Roxby) and imagined, interpreted by Unreasonable Adults (performed by Kerrin Rowlands and Jason Sweeney)

Sat 21 Nov: 'Footsoldiers' by Nicki Bloom. Imagined, interpreted by Real Time Collaborators (performed by Emma Beech, Craig Behenna, Antje Guenther and Hew Parham) and imagined, interpreted by Stone/Castro (performed by Nick Bennet and Merwan Stevens).

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