Monday, November 9

Moving words....

Aidan Munn, choreographer and dance teacher, talks to Brink  Bits... about the work he is doing with José Gonzalez,  Glen McCurley and Rachel Mendham for Gorge '09:

We started in an empty studio with the dancers' bodies and the script, a daunting task ahead of us. The process has been about discovering movement that enhances the words, adding another layer of emotion and bringing out the rhythm of the script. It was my aim that although the dancers say every word, that if the words were removed the story would still be told. I am almost asking the impossible of the performers, it is as if they are performing two works simultaneously, reciting lines while completing complex movement phrases and partnering. At this moment half way through the creative process it has been a lot of hard work, but we are beginning to get somewhere. Now that the script is almost learnt and the steps created, it’s time to have some fun, to bring out the humour hidden within this play which deals with some serious and complicated topics.

Aidan & the company's work will be featured on Thursday 19 November at Gorge '09

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