Friday, November 13

it is okay not to have all the answers at once...

Daniel Clarke is a theatre director, producer and festival director. Brink Bits caught up with him on his Gorge '09 project...

It doesn’t feel like we are working on a ten minute play! It is probably a good thing that we have a 40 hour time limit for rehearsals as I’m sure we could just keep going. Last night we introduced a very important set piece. It became almost like another character. We were thrown. All of the work that we had done the night before had to be revisited and a lot of it changed. At one stage last night my mind went completely blank. I did not know what else to offer – I often forget that rehearsals are for working through challenges and that it is okay not to have all the answers at once – if we knew all the answers why would we do it?

We worked through the challenges and I left the rehearsal feeling like we had all worked really hard. We’ve made some really bold choices with our interpretation. It is not subtle. But then I don’t think that the writing is subtle. I don’t think this is the intention of the piece. We have found the absurdity in the ideas that are being explored and the attitudes that are being challenged. We are yet to run it in its entirety and hope to get many runs in tomorrow. Then I need to time to reflect on the work until we meet again next week. I look forward to Daisy and Chris seeing the work today and hearing their feedback on it. Hoping they find it as bizarrely funny as we have. I do sometimes catch myself in rehearsals thinking wow this is odd, I’m enjoying it, but maybe I’m just odd?!! I guess we’ll see. Dan xx

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