Wednesday, November 4

A word from Daisy Brown

Daisy Brown says:

GORGE‘09 is a bold interactive mini festival unlike any other, in which writing for performance meets its purpose….it’s performed! It provides insight into both the writing process and the creation of the performance as you get to meet the writers themselves as well as the companies who bring their words to life.

The countdown has begun! The three newly-commissioned scripts have been allocated and now the six companies are feverishly creating their interpretations of the work. Ready for us, the audience, to witness and begin to understand what makes a writer’s words come to life. And don’t forget the writers have had no communication with the companies, they don't even know yet which companies are interpreting their works! So we all get to see the interpretation for the very first time together!

GORGE’09 offers a new experience for Adelaide audiences and artists to directly engage in the creation of new work, an experience where the audience is active throughout the evening, allowing theatre to be a living experience.

3 writers showcased over 3 nights with 6 performance companies interpreting their work in their own unique style. You wouldn’t want to miss it! Come on all three nights… We'll see you there! love Daisy x

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