Thursday, November 5

Unreasonable Adults through a different lens...

UNREASONABLE ADULTS presents their Gorge '09 interpretation on Friday 20 November. Unreasonable Adults is a hybrid-art collective who work together to devise, strategise and develop new live and mediated works for stage, film and online projects.

Our first hurdle or consideration is that none of us are actors! So we are looking at this script through a different lens, thinking in terms of creating an audio experience first and foremost, and then  looking at how to frame that visually - so it is a real challenge in some senses, as our script is so clearly written as a series of scenes to be performed. We have been translating stage directions into sounds, and re-imagining the essential story as a radio play, performed live. We're not sure whether to place a body on the stage (a live body, of course!) or just let the audio fill the space. It's been a real up and down wrestling match for us ... but we're happy with what we've shaped. Working outside our comfort zone has given us a lot of food for thought. 

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