Thursday, November 12

The writer's process is usually a solitary one...

Brink  Bits... was pleased to hear from Alirio Zavarce, another of the three commissioned Gorge '09 writers. Originally from Venezuela Alirio works with various arts organisations in Adelaide as a performer and creator. This is the first time he has handed over his words for someone else to interpret.

It has been an honour, a challenge and a great experience to be chosen as one of the featured writers for Gorge 09. The writer's process is usually a solitary one, so it has been fantastic to write a lot of material and get feedback from Daisy and Chris. The camaraderie between Matt and Nicky has also been an eye opener in terms of the styles and ways they approach writing.

For my piece I have chosen to play with "race relations" in Australia. It is a topic we don't usually get to open up and talk about so I'm very interested in how the audience reacts to it. I have approached it in a humorous way and I can't wait to find out who the companies are who will interpret it and to see what they have done with it. I feel if at the end of the night we have had a fun and honest conversation about race and politics in Australia, the play will have fulfilled its aim.

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